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I completely forgot to mention that I released another small library recently, much like GGDictionary, and Rosetta before that, it is used to store and retrieve translations. This time I have decided to call it Lingo and can be found here.

It’s very easy to use and even allows runtime edits to the language files, useful if you want to allow players to customise text options.

Site 2.0 and Crypt

OK, so I keep trying to do this whole ‘blogging’ thing that I keep reading about but every time I do something get’s in the way. Now to be fair, that something is usually my own rampant procrastination but it’s still something.

For my latest attempt I’m going to get the ball rolling with a new code library I’ve released for the Corona SDK called Crypt

In a nutshell it’s a data storage solution for the Corona SDK that stores everything fully encrypted. It’s not a replacement for GGData but rather I’m aiming it as an alternative.