Graham Ranson

Short gameplay preview of Red Rossum

Short gameplay preview of Red Rossum I’ve just uploaded a short video showing the gameplay of Red Rossum. It’s a very basic video without any fancy text or star wipe transitions as it’s just meant to show off the game in all its pure unadulterated awesomeness. Plus I’m lazy.

Red Rossum is ready for testing

Red Rossum is ready for testing I’m very happy to say that Red Rossum is no ready for Beta testing on both Android and iOS! Do you like breaking games? Do you like robots? Do you like flying in a vertical direction straight into weirdly-floating crates? Do you like playing

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Say hello to Red!

Say hello to Red! Please say hello to Red, he’s a friendly little robot that for some reason or another, his designer can’t really remember why, has an integrated rocket. This allows Red to do the one thing that he is able to enjoy doing, rocketing! He just loves to

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Happy new year!

Happy new year! In 2015 I will be blogging more and releasing more games. OK, so I say this every year however this time, I really mean it. OK, I also say that every year but this time it’s different. Somehow. This year I am, without a doubt, going to

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