What is an adventure game?

What is an adventure game?

In between working on games and raising puppies I’m also “planning” a wedding, and by planning I of course mean “deciding on how much meat to serve at the BBQ” *, so naturally the thought of speeches has come up, and so on that note I will start off this series of posts with the Merriam-Webster definition of an adventure game – actually it’s from Wikipedia but we’ll overlook that for the sake of this post – apparently an adventure game is “a video game in which the player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving.”

I’d say that although this is pretty accurate, overall it’s pretty useless, simply because it also defines the vast majority of video games in existence, even if the puzzle-solving element simply boils down to “shoot this guy before he shoots you”.

For us, an adventure game starts with the story, without that you’ve just got a list of barely connected puzzles. Once we have the story, we decide where that story might take place and only then do we start thinking about puzzles. Even though the puzzles are absolutely vital to an adventure game, for us they’re only interesting if they are a part of the story as a whole, rather than abstract distractions added in for no other reason than “an adventure game must include puzzles”.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “who are these guys to talk about making adventure games like they’re some kind of experts, they’ve only released a few of them.”, and you’d be right. We’re not in anyway experts at making adventure games, we’re experts at making Glitch adventure games, we’ve released 5 of them now ( or will have when FL3 finally comes out ) and figure some of our thoughts might be interesting to others.

Over the following posts I will detail random elements of making Glitch adventure games, I’m not in any way organised enough to be able to list the future topics here however I may come back later and edit this paragraph to make me look well planned and awesome, which coincidentally is very similar to the one future topic that I actually know I will be writing about, our theory of “reverse foreshadowing”.

*so far I’ve come up with “lots”.

Red Rossum is out on the 26th February


Red Rossum is out on the 26th February!

After a small issue during approval* Red Rossum is now approved and will be available to download on the 26th of February for both iOS and Android.

It’ll be free with very infrequent video ads so please give it a download and let me know what you think!

If anyone is interested in having a play early and is able to put some words down on the page ( web or paper ) about it please get in touch.

*The first submission failed as the reviewer couldn’t find any adverts in the game. This was annoying however at least it means that my ads are very infrequent, the reviewer just didn’t play long enough to see any.

Red Rossum is ready for testing


Red Rossum is ready for testing

I’m very happy to say that Red Rossum is no ready for Beta testing on both Android and iOS!

  • Do you like breaking games?
  • Do you like robots?
  • Do you like flying in a vertical direction straight into weirdly-floating crates?
  • Do you like playing pre-release games for free, even when they’re going to be free when eventually released?
  • Do you like the colour red?

If you can answer any of the above questions with a ‘yes’ then please get in touch to test it!

Say hello to Red!


Say hello to Red!

Please say hello to Red, he’s a friendly little robot that for some reason or another, his designer can’t really remember why, has an integrated rocket. This allows Red to do the one thing that he is able to enjoy doing, rocketing! He just loves to fly really fast, sadly he can only do so in a straight line as his designer also neglected to include any form of steering, what an idiot!

The only problem is, well there are many problems with this set up, but the main problem is that there are loads of crates floating above his launch pad. This was another “successful” invention by Red’s creator, he made “self-aware autonomous hovering crates” to be used for deliveries, however he forgot to add in a navigation system so now they just float around aimlessly, getting in the way of Red.

Red, loveable little fellow that he is, doesn’t let these crates get him down though, he just keeps on trying to go higher and higher.

Red Rossum will be released very soon on Google Play and the App Store, please watch this space! Well actually, watch this space.

Happy new year!

Happy new year!

In 2015 I will be blogging more and releasing more games.

OK, so I say this every year however this time, I really mean it. OK, I also say that every year but this time it’s different. Somehow.

This year I am, without a doubt, going to release at least 3 games of my own into the wild. Will those games be fun? I surely hope so. Will they be in any way commercially successful? I very much doubt it. Do I care? Not even a little.*

The first of these games will be called Red Rossum and I will be putting some stuff up about it very soon, the second and third games are currently known as Untitled Game #1 and Untitled Game #2 respectively and as I’m sure you can tell from those names, they’re going to be pretty spectacular.

*Well, maybe a little. But not too much.